We offer training for one or more dogs (any age) in your own home. We like to start puppies as early as possible. Classes are positive reinforcement; no hitting, no force, no punishment, no punishing tools are used. This is the one method that works with all species. Behavior modification and training can be accomplished without hurting your dog! We have more than 30+ years of training and behavior experience.

Our classes are designed to enhance, not inhibit future endeavors, such as competition obedience, conformation, agility, pet therapy, hunting etc. Many of our clients have gone on to additional activities with their canine companions.

Curriculum includes behavior, management, all regular obedience exercises such as sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, retrieve, leave it, off and much more. Testing for Alliance Of Therapy Dogs Incorporated and AKC CGC titles are also offered.

Charges are based on issues, distance, etc. We try to keep them very reasonable.

We also offer PET SITTING In Your Home.



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We are happy to welcome you to our class and we promise you that we will do our very best to provide you with quality, informed, up-to-date training and behavior guidance. We value you as a training client and we place a high priority on the well-being of your dog! It is our hope that both you and your dog will benefit from our class!

During the course of training, should you find it necessary to reschedule, please contact us as early as possible so we can discuss possible options. We know you would not miss without reason and we really want you to get the most you can from our class!

You will be provided with "homework" after each class to help you remember exactly what the lesson was about and how to accomplish the exercises. You and your dog will benefit and progress the most if you set aside a few minutes a day to practice the exercises exactly as described. Then put all your exercises to practical use. Every moment with your dog is a training opportunity. Should you have the slightest question about the right way to do any of the exercises, please feel free to call us for help! If you get our answering machine, please leave a message; we will get back to you!

Much has been written about the value of "positive reinforcement" in dog training. The idea is that good things happen for good things accomplished. In the past, training was almost "negative reinforcement" involving punishment for failure. There are many different styles of training taught in this country. It is difficult to find two trainers in total agreement about the "right" way to train. Classes vary from short, marginally-productive socialization sessions all the way to brutal, heavy-handed methods aimed at competition at any cost. Some of those techniques include hitting, kicking, ear-pinching, punishing, hanging to unconsciousness on a collar, throwing objects near or at the dog, use of punishing collars and other "equipment" such as wire snares, tying wires to dogs' toes, so many that we feel sad that people using them also call themselves "trainers"! Their aim is glory for the trainer, more than the welfare of the dog. Some of these methods appear to work, but often can backfire. In example: aggression given is often aggression returned (with interest). Often success is misdefined when fear is the issue rather than respect and love. Now more is written about the advantages of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement is becoming less popular. We are thankful for that! 

One must recognize that a collar and lead might be regarded as a form of force training, yet the danger from traffic etc. would make it unsafe not to use them. Still, we feel that training should not be a power struggle between dog and owner but rather an enjoyable learning experience for both. There is no magic wand one can wave for good training and shortcuts almost always produce new problems.

It is our philosophy after 30+ years of experience that the people we train feel as we do that their dog should be a respected, happy family member in a loving relationship with other family members of varying species. Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement as defined by scores of experts, with a great deal of love for dogs added.

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from our class! 







STARLYTE, AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished

GREAT BEAR, AKC Therapy Dog Excellent





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Tester/Observer ATDInc.

AKC/CGC Evaluator 885

Association Of Pet Dog Trainers

Charter Member 294 (1994-2012)


SEVEN, AKC Therapy Dog